Free yourself from wires with Bragi’s The Dash: A Review


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I first heard of Bragi The Dash from my better half when they were just a Kickstarter project that just closed. Bragi The Dash started crowdfunding in 2014 and was successfully funded with 3 million dollars, that is 1300% funded with almost 16,000 backers constituting to one of the most successful projects on the crowdfunding site. out as a crowdfunding project in the fall of 2014 that earned over 3 million dollars. Let’s see if the money they earned allowed them to create my favorite pair of wireless earbuds or if my quest continues.

Bragi sold a new concept of wireless headphones in that they were entirely wire free with only a set of earbuds and a whole load of functionality! These amazing features are:

  • The ability to control your music and volume just by swiping back and forth on the surface of the right earbud
  • Call answering by nodding your head to take the call or shaking your head to reject the call
  • Tracking your activities (walking, swimming, cycling) and your heartbeat rates, number of steps taken
  • The ability to hear the environment around you through its ‘Audio transparency’ technology where you swipe the left earbud and it switches on the mic that amplifies the sounds around you making it extra safe to cross roads
  • A 3 hour battery that can be charged 5 times in the case before you have to charge the case
  • Super cool LED lights that glow or ‘breathe’ as they call it
  • Ability to tell you the time by double tapping the left earbuds
  • Kinetic User Interface – MyTap which allows you to tap your cheek to activate Siri.
  • 4GB of internal storage to store music

As someone who walks around 3 miles to work, I often have a huge tangle with my wired Bose Quiet Comfort headphones, as much as I loved them, I prefer to be wire free with subtle earphones – not the huge over ear headphones, which look overbearing on my small head. I often walked with wired earphones and my phone in my bag, once getting into the office I would forget I had earphones on, put my bag down and walk away. *Smash* goes my phone and out pops my earphones. Eeeeekkk!

So after hearing about the Bragi OS 2.2 update, I decided to make a purchase on Amazon Prime for fast delivery and try them out. i was not disappointed.


Receiving The Dashes

  • I love the packaging that held my Dashes, it is very neat and opens like a book. Everything is packaged neatly inside. My only criticism is that I prefer to save the environment and have less packaging. Inside you can expect:
    The Dash
    The Charger and cable
    Fit Sleeves in small, medium and large

Bragi recommend charging the Dashes fully and checking for latest updates before first use and connecting to your phone.

First Use

I found the Dash very easily when pairing with my iPhone 6. You will hear a chime upon inserting them into your ear. They fit snuggly and don’t feel like they are about to fall out. You can follow the spoke instructions when going through the pairing and calibration set up.

The Pros

The wireless experience is amazing and the feeling of freedom you experience is great. They are discreet, well designed and aesthetically pleasing. The wireless form makes doing the simple things like putting coats on, wrapping scarves around neck, putting an over shoulder bag on less messy without trapping the wires and whats more you don’t get tangled up with passers by!

The sound is great, I can hear the details of my music – the highs and the lows. As I pop my earbuds in they will connect to my phone and once I press play, they stream effortlessly and well with my phone. I haven’t done this as I found streaming is good enough for me, you would be able to avoid any Bluetooth issues and take them minus phones if you were to store music on the internal storage.

I have used the health and fitness tracker to track my steps when walking to work (3miles!!!). Does the earbuds relay fitness information when you are running? Yes! My Dashes would update me every 5 minutes automatically with information on my average heart rate and time elapsed. The Dash is waterproof allowing you to go swimming with it and you can also cycle but I have yet to do these (swimming that is, I never learned to cycle!).

The Inbetween

Taking phone calls with the Dash have been hit and miss with some of friends saying they can hear me and others saying they can barely hear me. I can hear them fine and all my calls have been made in quiet rooms and away from noise.

The time feature worked and was a nice addition to the Dash, just double tapping your left bud would tell you the time; however, known to Bragi as an issue, the Dash has not updated its time with the daylight saving hours and is currently two hours behind (UK time). I have contacted Bragi about this and they are working on it apparently and a new update will fix this.

The Cons

The sound quality is good but I found that I would need to keep swiping until maximum volume and then turn the volume up on my phone to make the music louder. The Bluetooth does cut out when you turn your head right but connects as you look straight ahead again. This tends to happen for me when I am crossing the road and am looking left to right.

I have experienced interference with it when walking through for example security barriers in shops where the sound in the left buds drop. Again it mostly reconnects, if not I would have to put the Dash back in the case to reset it and the Dash would function normally.

The MyTap feature is another great functionality that allows me as an Apple user to activate Siri by tapping my cheek. Initially I looked bit crazy when trying to activate it and I found it a bit hit and miss – it didn’t always activate Siri when I tapped my cheek. The worst of it was when walking to work, the wind would activate Siri randomly so again I contact support to let them know and they just told me to turn it off!

Final thought

Originally I wanted to wait for version 2 of the Dash but I am thoroughly happy with them. For the freedom and great audio I would invest in these and have gone on to buy my better half a pair. I would welcome further improvements to the Bluetooth connection (so I can still listen to music when crossing the road) , more consistent and better phone call quality for the other person and more development on the MyTap feature as I am unable to use it as it is so sensitive or it doesn’t respond at all. If you don’t mind those then you can get these directly from Bragi or via Amazon. They come in two colours: black and white. Enjoy!


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